Monday, November 1, 2010

What's up?? You will be after you check this one out :)

Hey my fellow freaks and freakettes.
Check out my latest and greatest sex finds...

EdensFantasys, Zero Tolerance and SexIs
 (yes, all 3 are Great, so you know this is gonna be good!!)
have teamed up and created
 Porn Club!!!!

Yummy....just by the sound, eh??
Just the sounds of that make me think the picture should include
 lip licking

or biting....mmm:)

Basically we all getting together on a discussion board once a month to discuss
the two DVD's picked for that month ;)

The first discussion (shouldn't that be sexcussion?) is Wednesday, November 3rd.
True, that is two days away...but that is certainly plenty of time to watch two porns :)

The featured DVD's for this month are:

 Tabitha Stevens is a sexual warrior who proves there is nothing evil about being a
beautiful woman who simply loves sex!!
Now personally...I could have told you that!!!!!
I can't wait to want this one!!


Official Wife Swap Parody
Do you think the wives are sexier on the other side of the fence?? Watch this and find out!!
Personally, I'm single...but I'd definitely try out either both of these sexy wives!!
Dying to see this :)

What are you waiting for??
Click here to find out what you need to do to
get your hands on these DVD's,
then get your hands on yourself,
and then...
join us for the discussion Wednesday night!!

Hope to see you there :)

Note: I was not compensated in any way, financially or otherwise to post this!
Truth be told, I came across it, wanted to share it,
and the companies mentioned will probably read about it about
the same time you do :)


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