Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can sex toys change your life??

Ok, so the big question is can sex toys actually change your life??


Here is how sex toys have changed my life for the better :)

I am absolutely in love with sex toys!!
I like to use them with or without a partner.
Now to be honest, I am single...
so most of the time I use them alone, and don't get me wrong that's just fine great with me!!
But when I am with a partner, sex toys can make the experience so much fun!!

Another way that sex toys have changed my life is simply the way some of the sex toys
 on the market today look!! 
I love that they have some great new sex toys that some people would never even guess are sex toys!!
(Read it:  My kids have no idea that my make-up bag is full of sex toys!!)
  (We all know Mommy only wears eyeliner!!)

Have you seen the 'Hidden Pleasures' that looks like a tube of lipstick??

Or, how bout the 'Incognito' that looks like nail polish??
  (some of you who know me as Incognito, lol...this isn't why I go by that name!! But maybe it gave me the idea!! LOL!)

and...just one more of my 'hidden' favorites!!
The 'Body Glow' looks just like every other body scrubber we all have hanging in our shower!!
Only this one comes complete with batteries :)
Now personally, I can do just fine with the shower-head alone...
but the 'Body Glow' even works great on your nipples!!

By the way, these toys can all be found and purchased at

Note: I was in no way compensated by MyPleasure to write this post. In fact, they have no idea
 I am even posting about their products, and  probably wont unless they should happen to come across it.
I just wanted to be sure and disclose as every good blogger should!!

Now, make sure to leave me your comments on how sex toys have changed your life!!


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