Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Great Big CONGRATS to Pleasurists....

Pleasurists.com is celebrating their 100th edition with a Celebration Giveaway!!

100th Edition Celebration Giveaway!

Pleasurists comes out every Monday (sometimes Tuesday, with few exceptions--you know, life!!)

In honor of their 100th edition, they are giving away some really wonderful prizes,
And you will probably want to get in on the contest yourself.

Some of the wonderfully delicious prizes that they have up for grabs are:

'Lelo Siri' (pink) from Madame M's

'Crystal Delights Plug' (blue) from Virtually Adult

'Moregasm' (Book) from Babeland

'The Expert Guide to the G-Spot' (DVD) from Tristan Taormino

and.... what I'd absolutely

  to get my hands on...

a '$100 digital gift card' from Fascinations

So, what are you waiting for??
You know you want it as bad as I do :)  Mmmm!!



  1. You go girl! That's what I'm talkin about!!! I was ALL ova this! :) You find the coolest shit!!!

  2. WEll maybe if i leave a comment it'll let me follow...