Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just how important are Kegel Exercises anyways??

Sure, you've all heard about them before. But the real question is are you doing them?

Kegel exercises are oh so important for many reasons.

They can definitely benefit you when it comes to your sexual pleasure.
And they can help you to re-strengthen your muscles after giving childbirth.
They can even help you to avoid urinary incontinence later on.

If all three of these reasons aren't reason enough why you ABSOLUTELY should be doing them,
I don't know what is!!

Now, don't feel silly...if you've never heard of them (because I've ran across people who haven't)
-or- you aren't really sure if you are doing them right
-or- even how to do them at all....
Don't fret!! We are here to help :)

In fact, there are a whole lot of websites devoted to the how to's of Kegals.
Here in my opinion is the best one....

Now, you can do these exercises without the use of any tools ;)
Just you, yourself and your kegels....
In fact, that is exactly how I got by for the past nineteen years, before and after
giving birth to my five wonderful children.


came along....and
I became an Ambassador for them!!

Once I saw all the different helpers they had,
I knew right away that I was no longer going to go at them empty handed vagina'd.
 (Yes, I know that isn't a word, lol)

After a whole lot of consideration and reading up on the products that Eden had to offer,
I finally chose the  Natural Contours 'Energie' kegal exerciser.
Now, if you are thinking that the looks of it throw you off a little....
That's nothing compared to when it came in the mail and I opened it up...
And picked it up, lol.
I was like, OMG, are you kidding me, that is SO HEAVY!!
But then I read the directions and was like, Oh yeah, well that's not so bad!!

Here are a few more kegel exercisers that eden fantasys has to offer.....

All of these can be found by clicking here.

So whether you decide to go them alone, as I did for 19 years...
You smarten up and opt for a helper....

Don't forget to do your Kegels!!

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