Friday, March 25, 2011

Play Vibrations Review.....

Durex sent me a gift pack and this was just one of the things in my little
 pack of pleasure :) 

I really like that it came with a condom,
you know the whole safe sex thing.... :)

And since we all know I'm single, that's a good thing....RIGHT?


This is what the 'connect' looks like on it's own...

But, let's get to the important stuff...
-- how did it work??
-- how did it feel??
-- how noisy was it??

OK, I'd say it works great both from the man and woman's point of view.
You definitely can't use it though-out your whole sexcapade, I mean,
unless you are having a quickie. And I say that only because it only has one
speed, and that is HIGH!! Now don't get me wrong, high speed is great,
 at some times :)
And maybe you like it on high speed all the time, and in that case, this might not
be the toy for you...because this toy only works for about 20 minutes!!

How does it feel? It feels wonderful!! It is basically just like a regular 
vibrator on high speed.
And guess what?? No noise!! It is so quiet, almost unbelievable :)
Oh, if only every sex toy could be that quiet!!! 

It's super easy to use, super easy to put on, it doesn't fall off easy or anything.
Well not that I think of it...that could possibly have something to do with the size
of the man's penis, but I can't really foresee it being a problem!!

All in all, I highly recommend this product. I have seen it on the shelves in the
stores, like at Walgreens, and I even think I seen it at Walmart!!

So get out there and get yourself one, or two and check them out.


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