Saturday, January 1, 2011

Valentine's Day will be here in no time....

Have you started your shopping yet?

I have, and I've almost completely finished 
my WISH LIST....

Now the simple fact that every single item on my 
'wish list' comes from
shouldn't surprise anyone :)



With this deal...if you don't already 'like' them on'd better hurry over there !!
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Ok, now back to...

(and suggestions for yours)

To get things started, we'll need some candles so
we can turn the lights off and start to create a romantic atmosphere.
Suntouched edible candles

Floating hearts

Next, we'll need some sexy or romantic lingerie,

depending on the mood ;)

Valentine babydoll and thong set or...
Fetish femme pink babydoll
and if neither of these are the style you were thinking, no fear, there are so many more to choose from...
click here for many more options.

Next, we need some massage oils, 
for when that lingerie starts to come off.

Tantric massage oil

or perhaps...

The collection - oils gift set

Ok, now that we've set the mood and
started in on the fun...

the rest is up to you!!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Just use your imagination...


If you need a few ideas to get you started...
Don't miss the great romantic fantasy kits that can be found here.

Whatever your needs this Valentine's Day or any other day
of the year...I'm sure that EdenFantasys will be of great help to you ;)


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  1. We can make valentine wish lists??!!! Hmmm. How do I play this to get lots of goodies. I must think on this.